Why Hostels are the Best Accommodation for Socializing on Your Travels.

Viajar y socializar

Traveling is an exciting experience, and one of the joys of exploring new destinations is the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. For those looking for a social and enriching experience, hostels are an exceptional choice. In this article, we will tell you why hostels are the best accommodation to socialize during […]

Traveling to Buenos Aires in Summer: Tips for Staying in Hostels

Consejos para viajar a Buenos Aires

Summer in Buenos Aires is a magical season that invites you to enjoy its charms, from its vibrant culture to its delicious foods. To make the most of your trip to Buenos Aires at this time of year, it is essential to plan ahead and consider your accommodation. In this article, we will offer you […]

Travel to Buenos Aires inexpensively. A guide to travel to Buenos Aires saving money

Viajar barato a Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the vibrant capital of Argentina, is a fascinating destination full of culture, history and unique flavors. Like any capital city, Buenos Aires offers a range of options for all budgets. However, with proper planning it is possible to explore it without ruining your budget. Here we present a guide with tips to enjoy […]

Discovering the Authentic Buenos Aires. Hostel or hotel?

If you are planning a trip to the exciting and incredible City of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, the choice of accommodation can be a determining factor in the overall experience of your trip. Although traditional hotels offer comforts and luxuries, more and more travelers are opting for a cheaper and socially enriching alternative: […]

Guide to Travel to Argentina and Stay in Buenos Aires

Argentina is a fascinating country, with a rich culture, impressive landscapes and, above all, a country that welcomes tourists with open arms. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful country, you cannot miss visiting its capital, the City of Buenos Aires. Known as “La Reina del Plata”, this city offers a unique mix […]

Where to see shows in Buenos Aires?

Espectáculos para ver cuando viajas buenos aires

The city of Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, vibrates to the rhythm of a wide range of shows throughout the year. Whether you like live music, theater, dance, art, cinema or sports shows, this city has an unbeatable offer that you cannot miss on your visit to Buenos Aires. In this article we […]

Definitive Guide: Where to Stay in Buenos Aires?

Guía Definitiva: ¿Dónde Alojarse en Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city with a wide variety of options for tourists who seek to visit this beautiful city in South America. Here we will share with you key information to choose the accommodation that best suits your preferences and possibilities. From prestigious and luxurious hotels to fun and accessible hostels or apartments […]

Main cultural attractions in Buenos Aires

Actividades culturales para turistas en buenos aires

The City of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, is a city rich in culture and art. Art lovers will find many activities in Buenos Aires that will immerse them in the City’s culture scene. Here some of the activities that you cannot miss: Visiting the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA) is […]

Why stay at Play hostel in Buenos Aires?

Mejor hostel en Buenos Aires

Today we are going to talk about our hostels, two of the best hostels in Buenos Aires and we will explain why, we are the best option: Let’s start with the location. In the heart of the most popular neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Palermo, surrounded by bars, restaurants, shops, tourist attractions, and the most popular […]


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