What to visit near the hostels in the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires?

Atractivos Turísticos de Buenos Aires

Palermo is the tourist heart of the City of Buenos Aires and the neighborhood chosen by Play Hostel to install the best hostels in Buenos Aires.

Is the best area to stay in the city, in the Palermo neighborhood you will find different points of interest for tourists in Buenos Aires:

  • La Rural: With a privileged location in the heart of Palermo, the main exhibition center in Argentina and Latin America, it is one of the city’s tourist attractions. La Rural, hosts more than 300 events in the year, (cultural, business, agricultural and sports events).
  • The Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires: Known as the MALBA, in the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires, one of the most visited museums in the city, you will find works and exhibitions of Latin American art that refer from the 20th century to today.
  • Embassies and consulates: Being the tourist heart of the city, the main embassies and consulates are located in Palemro, including: The United States embassy and consulate, the Spanish embassy, ​​the Canadian embassy, ​​the Chilean embassy and many more.
  • The Rose Garden (Rosedal): Located inside the 3 de Febrero Park in the City of Buenos Aires and designed by the landscaper Carlos Thays, the rose garden has a collection of more than 18,000 roses, an amphitheater, bridges and a lake. This tourist attraction in Buenos Aires has been awarded the “Garden Excellence Award”, by the World Federation of Rose Societies.
  • The Planetarium: The space for dissemination and scientific-astronomical learning in the City of Buenos Aires, the Galileo Galilei Planetarium, is a must-see for those who enjoy astronomy and for those seeking a 4D experience that immerses viewers in a unique sensation.
  • Gastronomy: In the neighborhood of Palermo, the gastronomic offer is represented by all its areas. In Palermo, you can find from a hamburger restaurant to the best restaurants in the City of Buenos Aires and Argentina. Through its streets, you will find from the typical Argentine grills, to international food restaurants that appear in the main rankings of the world. Such as Don Julio, the award-winning Argentine grill, or La mar, the famous cevicheria of the renowned Peruvian Chef Gastón Acurio. Whether you want to eat the best Argentine meat, the best international cuisine, the best hamburger in Buenos Aires or a Pizza, near our hostel you will find the widest variety of flavors and offers.
  • Nightlife: The nightlife of Buenos Aires passes through Palermo. No matter the musical style, in this neighborhood of the city of Buenos Aires you will find the best nightclubs in the country. If bars and cocktails are your thing, once again the Palermo neighborhood is the best place. Here you will find from bars to drink exquisite craft beers to places awarded for their cocktail bars.
  • Shoppings: Buenos Aires and especially Palermo, breathe Fashion, the best brands in the country have their stores in this neighborhood. But not everything is luxury, Palermo has such a wide offer, from the best outlets to the most exclusive shopping malls in the city.

Do not miss anything on your visit to Buenos Aires and visit the best tourist attractions in the city, stay in our hostels in Palermo:

Play Hostel Arcos – Hostel in Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires
Play Hostel Arcos – Hostel in Palermo SOHO neighborhood in Buenos Aires

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