Definitive Guide: Where to Stay in Buenos Aires?

Guía Definitiva: ¿Dónde Alojarse en Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city with a wide variety of options for tourists who seek to visit this beautiful city in South America. Here we will share with you key information to choose the accommodation that best suits your preferences and possibilities.

From prestigious and luxurious hotels to fun and accessible hostels or apartments on the main rental platforms.

Location is also an important decision when you are choosing accommodation in Buenos Aires, and we will talk about that, but first, let’s start with the accommodation options that this wonderful city offers.

Accommodation options in Buenos Aires

Hotels in Buenos Aires: The city has a wide selection of hotels that adapt to different budgets, requirements and needs. The offer ranges from five-star luxury hotels and boutique hotels to budget hotels, there really are options for all tastes and budgets.

  1. Hostels: Hostels are the best option for travelers looking to save and/or socialize. There are a large number of hostels distributed throughout the different neighborhoods and with different amenities. This type of accommodation, in general, offers shared and private rooms, with common areas that facilitate socializing with tourists and travelers. In addition, hostels usually organize different activities for their guests.
  2. Rental Apartments: An option that became popular with platforms such as Airbnb. This option allows renting apartments to tourists seeking greater independence, and even longer stays. Like the other options, in Buenos Aires there are from luxury apartments with different amenities to cheaper apartments. This rental option can be an excellent alternative if you travel in family groups or if you prefer to have your own space and kitchen. Remember to read the reviews and communicate with the hosts before you book.
  3. Bed and Breakfasts: The City of Buenos Aires has a variety of charming bed and breakfasts, especially in neighborhoods like San Telmo and Palermo. These establishments are usually smaller and cosier, and offer comfortable rooms with breakfast included. It is an ideal option for those looking for a more personalized and homey experience.
  4. Aparthotels: Aparthotels combine the comforts of a hotel with the independence of an apartment. These establishments offer units with fully equipped kitchens, living areas, and additional services such as housekeeping and 24-hour reception. They are ideal for longer stays or for those who prefer to have the option of cooking their own meals.

When choosing the type of accommodation in Buenos Aires, it is important to take into account your needs, preferences and budget. But that is not all! It is very important to choose the right location.

Recommended locations to stay in Buenos Aires

  1. Palermo: The ideal neighborhood for tourists and even to live! If you are looking to be in the center of the action, safely and close to everything. This neighborhood is ideal. Tourist activities, wide variety of gastronomic options, shops, nightlife and more. From luxury hotels to the best hostels in the city, this neighborhood connects with the entire city in minutes!
  2. Recoleta: A neighborhood known for its elegance and sophistication, tree-lined streets and high-end shops. Here you will find luxury hotels, some located in old historical buildings.
  3. Microcentro: A neighborhood that comes alive during the day and is part of the historic center of the city. In this neighborhood you will find a wide selection of hotels of different categories, from cheap options to well-known chain hotels. In addition, you will be close to the famous Avenida 9 de Julio, the Obelisk and the Casa Rosada.
  4. San Telmo: The historic center of the city, a whole cultural experience. It is a picturesque neighborhood due to its cobbled streets and antique shops. San Telmo is a place to visit on one of your days in Buenos Aires, but perhaps not the best option to stay.
  5. Puerto Madero: A neighborhood of modern buildings, located on the banks of the Río de la Plata. Here you will find luxury hotels and incredible apartments. Staying in this neighborhood is not an economic option.
  6. Belgrano: If you are looking for a quieter and more residential option, Belgrano is an excellent choice. This charming, tree-lined neighborhood is home to an abundance of boutique hotels and apartments of various types.

If you ask us? Palermo is the best option for its diversity and offer.

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