Discover the best accommodation alternatives for digital nomads in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alojamiento para nomades digitales en buenos aires

If you are a digital nomad in search of new experiences and adventures, surely you already know that the City of Buenos Aires occupies the first places in the ranking of friendliest cities for this lifestyle, mainly due to its cost, security, access to technology and internet, level of education, health and the main reason is because it is a friendly city with tourists.

From cozy hostels to inspiring coworking spaces, in this article we’ll introduce you to the best places to stay while enjoying everything this fascinating Latin American city has to offer.

Hostels in Buenos Aires: An ideal option for digital, economic and social nomads

Hostels are the most popular choice for digital nomads who want cheap and comfortable accommodation and the chance to meet other travelers. In Buenos Aires, you will find a wide selection of hostels that offer private and/or shared rooms, as well as common spaces where you can socialize and make connections with people from all over the world. Some hostels also have coworking areas.

Coworking in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is home to a growing community of digital nomads, for that reason this city has a large number of coworking spaces throughout the city. These spaces are designed to meet the needs of remote workers, offering high-speed connections, modern conveniences, and a collaborative environment. Some coworking spaces also host events and workshops that allow you to expand your professional and personal network.

In which neighborhood to stay in Buenos Aires?

If you are looking for a strategic location to stay in Buenos Aires, there are several neighborhoods that are especially adapted to the needs of digital nomads. Palermo is the most popular neighborhood, known for its great tourist offer, its gastronomic offer, security, proximity to the main points of the city, its cultural offer and a lively nightlife. Palermo offers the best offer of hostels and numerous coworking spaces. In addition, this neighborhood has a large number of parks and green spaces.

Some tips if you plan to visit Buenos Aires

  • Investigate the different accommodation options that the city offers.
  • Reserve in advance.
  • Explore this beautiful city.
  • Ask to the hostel staff for recommendations and don’t miss out on experiencing one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Buenos Aires is one of the places most chosen by digital nomads for a large number of reasons, here we name just a few. To know the rest, prepare your bags and come to know the Argentine capital.

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