Travel to Buenos Aires in January and February (Summer)

Viajar a Buenos Aires en verano

With average minimum temperatures of 19 °C (66.2 °F) and average maximum temperatures of 30 °C (86 °F), summer in Buenos Aires begins on December 21 and ends on March 21. This stage of the year is a great time to visit the city and its tourist attractions and one of the most chosen by tourists who escape from the winter season in the northern hemisphere.

During these months, many inhabitants of Buenos Aires travel on vacation and the rhythm of the city is more Chill, which is an advantage to explore it and enjoy its attractions, always well hydrated and wearing light clothing.

Where to stay in summer in Buenos Aires?

The city has all types of accommodation, hotels of all types and sizes, hostels, temporary rentals and other options. However, summer is a great time to have fun and socialize, which is why we recommend hostels.

You can learn more about staying in Buenos Aires in the following article¿Where to stay in Buenos Aires?

What to do in summer in Buenos Aires?

We propose 5 activities that you cannot miss:

  1. A classic of Buenos Aires in summer is Puerto Madero, in this area you can have lunch or dinner overlooking the river in a wide variety of restaurants.
  2. There are several Rooftop Bars in Buenos Aires that you should go to, especially to watch the sunset in the city and then enjoy the night view of the City.
  3. In the heart of the Palermo neighborhood, is the Ecopark of the City of Buenos Aires, a proposal to connect with nature.
  4. A few minutes from the city we will find the city of Tigre, the gateway to the delta, an ideal place to enjoy the river and good gastronomy.
  5. The night of Palermo is an obligatory stop to enjoy with good music and first class gastronomy and cocktail options. and why not? End the night in the best Clubs in Buenos Aires.

Also, if you are staying in the Palermo neighborhood, the tourist center of Buenos Aires, we recommend you read the following article: What to visit near the hostels in the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires?

  • Arcos
  • Soho
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