A new gastronomic experience in our hostel

Cafeterias en Buenos Aires

We open Alma Rüpu, a new “cafeteria” (Typical coffee shop in Buenos Aires) in our hostel located in Palermo Soho (Play Zoho), located at Guatemala 4640 street, in the City of Buenos Aires, the new cafeteria offers the typical menu of cafes shops in Buenos Aires, and more , but with the distinction that the […]

How to choose the best hostel for your trip?

Mejores hostels en Buenos Aires

Choosing the right accommodation for your trip or vacation is not an easy task, the options are varied and for all tastes. Today we are going to give you some recommendations to choose the best hostel for your next trip and budget. Reviews and experiences Once you have chosen the place in the world that […]

Recommendations to discover the gastronomy in Buenos Aires

Tour gastronómico en Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, one of the main tourist cities in Latin America, has a wide gastronomic offer with options for all tastes. Tourists visiting Buenos Aires will be able to enjoy everything from Food Trucks, with food on the go, to multi-award-winning restaurants or chefs with Michelin stars. Although we will find a wide variety of […]

Travel to Buenos Aires in January and February (Summer)

Viajar a Buenos Aires en verano

With average minimum temperatures of 19 °C (66.2 °F) and average maximum temperatures of 30 °C (86 °F), summer in Buenos Aires begins on December 21 and ends on March 21. This stage of the year is a great time to visit the city and its tourist attractions and one of the most chosen by […]

Where to stay in Buenos Aires?

¿Dónde alojarse en Buenos Aires?

Accommodation options in the most cosmopolitan city in Argentina, and the most visited by international tourists, are diverse and at all prices. It is enough simply to enter any of the main accommodation search engines to find endless offers that will range from the simplest accommodation to the most luxurious. With such a wide range […]

Should I stay in a hostel in Buenos Aires?

hostel en buenos aires opciones

Staying in a hostel is one of the best experiences when you are traveling. Although each trip is different and you can travel for different reasons, here are a series of questions to find out if the hostel is the ideal accommodation for your trip to Buenos Aires: Do you like to socialize? Regardless of […]

Hostels, a friendlier option with the environment.

"Los hostels son más sustentables que los hoteles

Understand how to reduce environmental impact, especially reducing the carbon impact of travel, is essential for travelers and the tourism industry of all the world. In the accommodation services , countless efforts are being made in this area. Hostels carry in their DNA a model of sustainable accommodation that is friendlier to the environment compared […]

Search Hostel in Buenos Aires

Buscar Hostel en Buenos Aires

Selecting your accommodation is one of the key factors in any trip. With this in mind, and to make your trip a success, we are going to tell you 3 key factors when you are looking for a hostel in Buenos Aires. It is not enough to say “I want a hostel in Buenos Aires”. […]

What to visit near the hostels in the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires?

Atractivos Turísticos de Buenos Aires

Palermo is the tourist heart of the City of Buenos Aires and the neighborhood chosen by Play Hostel to install the best hostels in Buenos Aires. Is the best area to stay in the city, in the Palermo neighborhood you will find different points of interest for tourists in Buenos Aires: La Rural: With a […]

Why is the hostel the ideal accommodation to travel around the world?

¿Por qué el hostel es el alojamiento ideal para viajar por el mundo?

Traveling the world or even a region, such as Latin America or South America, is a unique and fascinating experience. Visiting different places and cultures is something you will never forget. However, this multicultural experience can be amplified by staying in a hostel, an accommodation where you will share experiences and stories with people from […]


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